Terrier Litter 2004 


Knowing that we would like a litter from Six we started to search for a suitable mate for her in 2002 and found 'Mr Right' in Elvis, a young boy owned by Saffron Woodcraft from London. We got them together in January 2004 and were pleased to find, in February, that Six was pregnant.


 Six ©

Elvis ©

U/S Scan - February 2004 ©


 Six & her puppies - March 2004 ©

March 18th brought along a lovely, healthy litter of 5 little Black & Tan bundles, Digger, Milo, Scoobie, Seven & Suzy.
When the pup's were 7 weeks old my friend Sam Clark, of Farlap Photography , came over to take some photo's - the resulting pictures, below, are excellent and something I will treasure always - Thank You Sam!

 Digger © Photo by Farlap

Milo © Photo by Farlap

Scoobie © Photo by Farlap

 Seven © Photo by Farlap

Suzy © Photo by Farlap

Digger, Suzy, Six & Seven - August 2004 ©


Digger was chosen by Jack to stay here at Cairnstorm and Milo is owned by my eldest son, Ben, & his wife, Tanya. The other 3 girls were all homed with people we know.

Though they are cute, loving & fiercely loyal, life with an Irish Black & Tan Terrier is not all plain sailing.......



 Digger & Jack - May 2004 ©


Who killed Tommy??? - Digger & Six - November 2004 © 

 Milo - August 2006 © Photo by Ben Lake

How did THAT happen??? - Milo © Photo by Ben Lake