Rainbow Bridge


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Erindale Sweet Amelia

10.08.1983 - 07.12.1989

Sanctuary The Bard of Erindale


Erindale Lady Gemma

Gemma was my first Wolfhound. She came into my life as a private rehome and realised my childhood dream of owning an Irish Wolfhound. She was stubborn, intelligent, wilful, loving & loyal with a well developed sense of humour. She taught me much about the breed and I will never forget her...


 Gemma - 1985 ©






Bowsfall Kanebo Trevor of Cairnstorm

26.08.1998 - 27.06.2001

Ballalyns Blade Runner


Bowsfall Brogan (2CC's)

Trevor arrived at Cairnstorm as an 8 week old puppy after 8 years of being 'Wolfhoundless'. He was an incredible character who lived his short life to the full. Trevor taught Chuck that life without a Wolfhound is unthinkable! We all have so many great memories of him...


Trevor - Aug 1999 ©

Hydebeck Bayley of Cairnstorm

 07.07.2000 - 23.02.2004

 Hydebeck Rodrick Hamilton


 Hydebeck Lady Cara


Bayley arrived in September 2000, at 8 weeks old, to join Trevor here at Cairnstorm. She was an exceptional show off, winning many classes including 1st in her class at Crufts 2002. Bayley was Chuck's special girl who had her life cut tragically short by a very rare condition called Thrombocytopenia... 



Bayley - March 2003 ©


Hydebeck Rodrick Hamilton

01.06.1998 - 16.07.2004

Sufayre Connor


Hydebeck Darley Allyander (2CC's)

Owned in partnership with Louise Pinkney [Hydebeck] Roddy came to join his daughter, Bayley, here at Cairnstorm in 2002. A truly special, gentle hound, we were blessed to have his love & devotion. Roddy was my 'Hearthound' and not a day goes by without me missing him terribly...


Roddy - June 2002 ©


Hydebeck Roderigo at Cairnstorm

27.07.2004 - 06.12.2004

CH Gartlove Ghleannkyle


Hydebeck Emily Puds

Dear little Bud arrived at Cairnstorm, with his sister Kat, at 8 weeks old in September 2004. He quickly made his presence known with his keen sense of humour & mischievious ways. 2004 had been an awful year for us, having already lost 2 special hounds, when at just 4 months old Bud was diagnosed with a brain tumour & we had to let him go...


 Bud - November 2004 ©





Cairnstorm Portland Bill

29.04.2008 - 03.05.2008

Cairnstorm First Edition


Culkeeran Maine at Cairnstorm

As a singleton puppy Billy's birth was complicated & he was eventually delivered by an emergency C-Section. Unbeknown to us he had already absorbed toxins, through his cord, before birth. He developed septicaemia & left us after just 4 days. A true innocent... 


Billy - May 2008 ©


Cairnstorm Florence May

09.08.2006 - 24.10.2014

Culkeeran Chase


Hydebeck Katharina at Cairnstorm

May was an incredibly bright girl who bonded with us slowly in her 1st year. She was lightly shown, & never unplaced, until losing her tail put an end to her show career. During her time in the ring she won 2 x RCC's & a BB with BOB at Paignton Ch Show (no CC's). She left us suddenly aged 8yrs 2mths because of complications with a pyometra...


 May - July 2008 ©





Hydebeck Katharina at Cairnstorm

27.07.2004 - 17.02.2015

CH Gartlove Ghleannkyle


Hydebeck Emily Puds

Kat arrived at Cairnstorm, aged 8 weeks, in September 2004. She was an incredibly intelligent, mischievious girl who liked things her own way. She hated showing (although she did win a cup as a youngster) & retired from the ring in 2007. She was a tremendous foundation bitch & from her 2 litters 5 puppies went into the ring & all won well with Fable gaining her Champion title. She was PTS after a brave battle with Osteosarcoma in her right hock. She is greatly missed...


Kat - Juy 2014 ©