F Litter 2006


Knowing we would like a litter from Kat in 2006 we started to look out for a suitable stud at championship shows in 2005. We were immediately attracted to Sue Cole [Culkeeran] & Caroline Sheppard's [Goldswift] stunning young dog 'Culkeeran Chase'.



Culkeeran Chase - July 2007 © Photo by A. Wilson 

 Hydebeck Katharina at Cairnstorm - May 2007 © Photo by A. Wilson


Chase has good health & longevity in his lines, his pedigree fits well with Kat's, we felt he would compliment her phenotypically, and luckily for us Sue & Caroline agreed we could use him. When Kat came in season, at the end of May, we began blood testing for ovulation, every 2 days from day 9. We got the go ahead on day 13 so we took Kat straight up to Sue's, in Peterborough, and got two super matings on June 09th & 10th. Kat was scanned on July 10th and confirmed in whelp. She went into labour on August 08th and safely delivered 3 puppies before going into secondary uterine inertia and consequently having a midnight C-Section to deliver the remaining 8 puppies!



 U/S scan - 10.07.06 ©

 All lined up! - 09.08.06 ©

 2 puppies - 16.08.06 ©


 May on the run - 07.10.06 ©


The Cairnstorm 1st 11 - 08.10.06 © Photo by J. Woollacott


Fable - 08.10.06 © Photo by Julie Woollacott

 In the garden #1 - 21.10.06 © Photo by C. Sheppard


 In the garden #2 - 21.10.06 © Photo by C. Sheppard


We kept 2 puppies, Cairnstorm First Edition & Cairnstorm Florence May, and Cairnstorm Fable of Goldswift has gone to live with one of Chase's co-owners, Caroline Sheppard [Goldswift]. The remaining 8 are all happily settled with their new families and can be seen on the F Litter - In their new homes page. We decided to hold a 1st Birthday BBQ on August 05th 2007 & managed to get 7 of the 11 back together with Kat. It was lovely to see them all again & a great opportunity to catch up with their owners too!

1st Birthday BBQ - 05.08.07 ©