Past Friends 


Gone but not forgotten....




(1970 - 1983)

Patch was my childhood best friend. By my side constantly & always there to share my ups & downs. Fiercely loyal & super protective in typical Terrier fashion he loved to play 'fetch' & 'tuggy'. Adventurous & artful, funny & kind. Friends don't get much better than that..... 

Patch - 1981 ©


Lucy - Sept 1994 ©




(1987 - 16.11.1996)

Retired Racing Greyhound

Lucy came to us in 1994 via the Retired Greyhound Rescue Trust. She soon learnt how to be a housedog despite her years of being in kennels. She was a great friend to Ben & Jack, going out every morning with Ben on his paper round. She developed renal problems & we decided to let her go.....



Cairnstorm Seven

(18.03.2004 - 13.03.2006)

Elvis x Six

Seven was owned by a dear friend, Sharon Taylor, & her 2 boys. Due to a change in their circumstances Seven was brought back to live with us in January 2006. She slotted back into life here effortlessly - it was like she had never been away. She was obedient, loyal & very loving, she quickly bonded with Nicky, going almost everywhere with her. Sadly, only a few weeks later, just days before her 2nd birthday, Seven was hit by a van and died instantly.....


Seven - May 2004 ©


Digger - July 2005 ©



Cairnstorm Digger

(18.03.2004 - 19.06.2014)

Elvis x Six

Digger was born here at Cairnstorm in Six's only litter. She adored Jack from day one & slept on his bed. Digger had fought long & hard with a severe respiratory disease & in June she let us know she needed sleep. She is very much missed...


 Number Six at Cairnstorm

(03.06.2001 - 12.01.2016)

Six was born on 03.06.01 and she arrived Cairnstorm, at 8 weeks old, that July.

Six had a lovely, sunny personality and a fantastic temperament. She was a wonderful 'Earth Mother' who acted as a Nanny to all the puppies here at Cairnstorm, teaching her charges much in the way of canine discipline & socialisation. She was also a determined worker & loved to go beating during the winter.

Six had a litter of 5 gorgeous Black & Tan puppies in March 2004 and was then spayed later that year. 

 Six - May 2003 ©