V Litter 2009


Having not had a litter since 2006 we decided we were ready for a puppy in 2008. We then had 2 disappointments - Gloria had just 1 puppy in the April (who we later lost) & May didn't get a mating in the October - so we decided that maybe fate was telling us to have another try with Kat? We selected a super young dog 'Hunacres Klark Gable' owned/bred by Sue Wilkinson [Hunacres] who had impressed Nicky when judged him in June 08.


Hunacres Klark Gable - July 2009 ©

Hydebeck Katharina at Cairnstorm - July 2008 ©



Gable has lines back to several longlived hounds in his pedigree, which fits well with Kat's, & we felt fairly sure we could produce some promising puppies from this combination, with him complimenting her phenotypically + being a son of the dog we used with Kat last time, & luckily Sue agreed we could use him. Kat came in season slightly earlier than expected, at the end of November, & we began blood screening, running tests in early December on days 10, 12 & 13. The results showed us that she had not yet ovulated so we decided to take her up to Sue's in Hampshire on December 14th - day 16. All went well & we got a super mating, so to make sure we had it right, timing wise, we re-tested on the Monday (day 17) and the result showed she had ovulated. Kat was scanned on 13.01.09 & confirmed in whelp. She settled down to think about having the pups on the evening of February 11th, but when nothing much happened we suspected primary uterine inertia. We let her sleep the night & arranged to take her in fresh to the Vets the following morning where an examination showed that we were right. She had an immediate C-Section & safely delivered 7 pups - sadly however 1 little boy was found to have a serious congenital defect & was put to sleep...


 U/S scan - 13.01.09 ©


1st feed - 12.02.09 ©


Looking for trouble? - 12.02.09 ©


  Standing proud already! - aged 5 days - 17.02.09 ©


 Haven't I grown? - aged 4 weeks - 12.03.09 ©


 Now I look like a Wolfhound! - aged 7 weeks - 02.04.09 ©


 AAARRRRGGGGHHHH! - 12.03.09 ©

  Best friend - aged 6 weeks - 26.03.09 © Photo by D. Stead




  Lucky doing her Princess & the Pea impression - aged 7 weeks - 02.04.09 ©


  Maypole dancing practise? - 02.04.09 ©


We kept a bitch puppy, Cairnstorm Vermillion via Hunacres, who will be shown in partnership with Gable's owner/breeder, Sue Wilkinson. They are now all happily settled with their new families and can be seen on the V litter - In their new homes page.