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Besides the Wolfhounds we like to have other members of the Cairnstorm canine family. Presently there is a Working Cocker Spaniel, Mac, who belongs to Chuck & an Irish Black & Tan Terrier, LD.




 © Photo by Farlap

Halmstow Hi Flyer - aka Mac - is a KC registered Working Cocker Spaniel bred by our close friends, Lisa Smale & Dan Farr, in August 2007.

Mac is almost completely black & his coat is beautifully glossy. He is probably at the bottom of the pack but with his happy go lucky attitude to life I really think he doesn't care.

Living with Mac has been a very different experience for us! He is incredibly active, very quick to learn & eager to please. He is devoted to Chuck and adores having one on one time with him, training for work picking up at local pheasant shoots.

 Halmstow Hi Flyer - July 2008 ©


LD - April 2016 ©





LD arrived at Cairnstorm aged 8 weeks on March 12th 2016. She was bred in Wales by Andrea Beck & her sister, Fizz, lives with our eldest son & his family.

Having lost Six in January we were lost without a Black & Tan so LD has joined us to carry on where Six left off.